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The Torricelli business incubator was created to foster the growth of new business ideas and innovative start-ups through a structured offer of spaces, infrastructures, services, guidance and synergies with the other players within Research and Innovation district in Faenza: CNR, ENEA, University of Bologna, Advanced Training, research spin-off, other incubated companies.


The incubator was created at the initiative of the municipality of Faenza and the Amleto Bertoni Foundation, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, and it is run by Centuria.


The Torricelli Incubator is part of the ''The Italian start-up ecosystem: who is who”, the first permanent observatory for business models and innovation in Italy. The project, developed by Italia StartUp in cooperation with the Polytechnic University of Milan and supported by the Ministry for Economic Development, aims at identifying, putting together and connecting the leading players in the Italian start-up system.

Networking & Business Acceleration
Research. Institutions. Companies. Territory.

As a Centre for Innovation, Centuria primarily offers aspiring entrepreneurs the elements and the expertise required to develop new business ideas. We also act as business accelerator, by fostering cooperation and relations in order to pinpoint new market opportunities for the incubated start-ups.

To this end, the incubator location also appears to be strategic: the research “hotspot” in Faenza - which includes University, ENEA and CNR, as well as a constantly evolving network of research spin-offs, start-ups and laboratories belonging to the High Technology Network for the Emilia-Romagna Regional. Centuria plays a major role in the Emilia-Romagna Start Up network, whose commitment is to create innovative businesses.

Thanks to its modularity, the incubator – a modern structure built using environmental-friendly materials and solutions – is designed as a multi-purpose space which is perfectly suitable for both start-ups in the digital, service and knowledge economy sectors, and fablabs, digital makers and laboratories. It consists of three modules of 2,300 sq. metres each that can house new businesses, offices, laboratories and training facilities, totalling 11 offices, 15 labs, 1 multimedia meeting room, 3 server rooms and a warehouse.

Advice. Tutoring. Networking.

Centuria offers comprehensive tutoring and highly specialised consulting services, ranging from developing a business model and assessing a business project sustainability to assisting a new business in their first years of activity.

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Centuria is also a partner in the Aruba start-up project. Thanks to this partnership, the start-ups that we host in our incubators can be granted free credit, up to 75,000 Euros within three years, to access Aruba's cloud services (Cloud Computing and Private Cloud, Object Storage).

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Incubated Companies
A number of companies, a single denominator: innovation.

Centuria's technical committee selects the start-ups to be incubated in the incubator platform based on different parameters, including business plans, innovation and business sustainability elements, characteristics of the applicants. Many of the start-ups Centuria has assisted have been granted multiple awards and stand today as a beacon of excellence in their own fields: mechanics, biomedical, sensor applications, information technology, advanced materials, and renewable energy.

Companies, research and business spin-offs which are currently hosted in the Torricelli incubator:

smart domotics 02 

   >> Smart Domotics
Innovative start-up that designs, manufactures and markets state-of-the-art products and services in the fields of energy saving, monitoring and automation for buildings, intelligent home systems, integration of renewable energies. The devices developed by Smart Domotics can optimise energy production and consumption for buildings and control systems and household appliances, thus optimising their functioning based on users' preferences and environmental conditions.
>> 1st prize at Unicredit National Start Lab 2014 Award.
>> 1st prize of 75,000 Euros in the Aruba Pitch competition
ASSODEL Award for Engineering and Innovation in Italy



Logo HB Black - studioin3

>> Studioin3
Publishing co-op that offers innovative services in web marketing and digital publishing.
Their activities and services are divided into three main sectors: Social Media Marketing & Web 2.0; digital publishing and eBooks and self-publishing services; translation, interpreting, web writing, content marketing, multi-language editing.




>> ReMembrane
Innovative biotech start-up that improves the quality of experimental models used in biological laboratories focusing in particular on cell-culture technology. ReMembrane's products are intended to standardise the membranes of cells in culture, in order to create more reliable experimental models that are closer to the corresponding in-vivo tissues, and to obtain major scientific and financial benefits from cell cultures.




logo Greenbone

>> GreenBone
GreenBone Ortho srl, is a newco set up in 2014 thanks to a successful fundraising through Venture Capital. GreenBone aims at becoming leader in biomimetics, providing innovative and easy to apply solutions inspired by biological mechanisms existing in nature to cure serious diseases. Greenbone develops a highly innovative wood-derived bone implants technology to generate biomimetic implant suitable to address non-union fractures.



Logo APS

>> APS
APS can take advantage of the ten year experience of its founder in the field of medical dermatology. The startup invested in technological R&D and developed an innovative device (patent pending), APS, able to meet the actual aesthetic needs of women and men.

  Logo Ecorisorse

>> Ecorisorse
Ecorisorse works in the field of renewable energies. The startup is specializing in the use of waste biomass from different processes (agriculture, forestry, wood processing, etc.) to produce steam used as "eco-friendly fuel” in the cogeneration and small-scale trigeneration plants that Ecorisorse manufactures and sells.


  UWATCH - logo

>> U- Watch
U-WATCH designs and markets digital devices to help people with diseases causing motion and orientation deficits.



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